彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?


彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

Some think it's fly while others … not so much.


Feather eyebrows are not a flight of fancy.


They are a real thing, created by real teens living in the real country of Finland.


Stella Sironen, a 19-year-old makeup artist and her friend, Leevi Ik?heimo, came up with the idea by accident one lazy Sunday while Ik?heimo was brushing out Sironen's eyebrows.


“Suddenly he busted out laughing,” Sironen told the Huffington Post.


Curious, Sironen took a gander at herself on her phone's camera and totally got it.


“He had made a middle part on my brows … and we just laughed about it for the rest of the night.”


Sironen thought the look was so funny, that the next day she took a glue stick to her brows and decided to part them again. She paired the feathered follicles with some eye-catching blue mascara and posted a picture of the creation to Instagram.


彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

so i’m starting this new brow trend please recreate it and wear it everyday and don't forget to tag me like and subscribe and hit that bell button ALL credits go to my muse @leevittu he came up with this whilst brushing my eyebrows last sunday brow (@stella.s.makeup)


The post soon went viral, receiving over 45,000 likes and the hashtag #featherbrows was born. The bold brow also ended up being pretty polarizing, tearing the online beauty community into two firm camps: Team YAS I Shall Recreate This Look and Team Ick, No Those Are The Stuff Of Nightmares.

这条Ins迅速走红,收到了超过45000个赞,#羽毛眉(#featherbrows )这个标签应运而生。这一大胆的眉妆收获的评价也是两极分化,网络美妆爱好者分成了两派:一派决定尝试这个妆容,另一派觉得看了晚上绝对做噩梦。

Opinions were expressed on Instagram and Twitter.


彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

I’m no @stella.s.makeup but I had to give this #featherbrows look a go. Honestly I know she was having a joke but for real this is great. Just a quick few brushes with a clear brow gel to separate and hold and added some gold my brows are particularly thick, so much so that the hairs just don’t like to bend any other way so it didn’t work out too well for me.


彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

Stunning & unique The #featherbrows trend is everywhere and I know everyone has their opinions about it... but I love it! This gave me my first inspiration for an editorial look. I love editorial because it's different, messy, the imperfections make it perfect. So when I thought of feather brows this is what I came up with. Please note this is just for fun, not something I'd wear to date night

太特别了,漂亮极了#转发@paletteprincessss #羽毛眉现在非常流行,每个人都有自己的看法……但是我超爱它!它启发了我的第一个自创妆容。我喜欢自己设计的妆容,因为它独特、凌乱,它的缺点成就了它的完美,所以我一想到羽毛眉,就想出了这个。娱乐而已,我晚上不会化这个妆约会的。

彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

Feather eyebrows look like the eyebrow equivalent of 1990s middle-partings.|


@Fashionicide lool looks so weird, who comes up with these things?

@Fashionicide 你看上去真的很奇怪,谁想出来的这玩意儿?

彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

#featherbrows THIS HAD TO BE DONE! Link in bio for full video on how I created these brows after seeing @stella.s.makeup 's post on these TEHE!!#feathereyebrows

#羽毛眉 这个绝对要画!看完@stella.s.makeup 的Ins,我资料里有画眉的完整视频教程链接 嘤嘤嘤!#羽毛眉

彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

Today's trend: Feather eyebrows!!! just kidding PLEASE DON'T!


彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

let's not make feather brows a trend, please


彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

Let's change these brows !!! A few days ago I saw a picture of @stella.s.makeup where she did her brows in a way that I have never seen before. She calls it 'featherbrows, and I think this is amazing and very very cool! So I wanted to try it out and made a video on how I create 'featherbrows'. Of course all the credit goes out to the very talented Stella. Go check the link in my bio to see the video. Let me know what you guys think #featherbrows #featherbrow

让我们来改掉眉形!!!几天前我看到@stella.s.makeup的一张图,她画出来的眉形我从来没见过,她取名叫“羽毛眉”,我觉得特别厉害,超级酷的!所以我想试试画这个眉形,就录了羽毛眉教程视频。当然啦,这都归功于是斯泰拉!她太有才了。点击我资料里的链接观看视频。让我知道你们的想法。#羽毛眉 #羽毛眉

彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

Yaaas! My take on @stella.s.makeup new feathereyebrow -look! But why does mine look more of hairy worms than feathers. Oh well. #feathereyebrows #featherbrows

呀呀呀呀!我画了@stella.s.makeup 的羽毛眉妆!不过为什么我的眉毛看上去好像毛毛虫,不像羽毛啊。苍了个天。#羽毛眉#羽毛眉

As for Sironen, she is surprised by the response, especially since she posted her photo in jest. She even posted a second photo of the look and in the caption explained that the initial photo was a joke.


彩妆最新潮流“羽毛眉”横空出世 这种时尚你懂吗?

note to self: when u make a joke about starting a funny brow trend people will take it seriously and.... well. start the trend anyways THANK YOU for all the love and hate on my last pic! i think we should call this #featherbrows so if you actually want to recreate this, pls use the hashtag and tag me in the picture


Yet, regardless of her post's nature, she doesn't really get the uproar about eyebrows.


“It's strange that there is eye art, lip art and many other forms of creative makeup but brows have remained untouchable for years,” Sironen told HuffPost. “We've seen crazy eyebrows on fashion editorials and runways forever. I truly hope that this inspired makeup artists to explore brow art and experiment more!”