BBC News with Jonathan Izard.

Police in Britain say 4 people have been killed and at least 20 others injured in a terrorist attack outside the Houses of Parliament in London. Those who died include a policemen stabbed outside the entrance of the House of Commons and a man thought to have attacked him who was then shot by armed police.

The assailant whom police believes acting alone had driven a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge nearby killing 2 people. The acting deputy commissioner of the metropolitan police Mark Rowley said extra officers will be deployed.

“over days that followed, the people of London will see extra police officer are on the Downing and other Streets. This includes our officers working longer hours than sheriffs alongside our colleagues of British transport places and city of London. And of course, we‘ve called on the military should we need to know the future point.”

When gunshots were heard, the British Prime Minister Theresa May was ushered into a car and taken to safety. She is to chair a crisis meeting of ministers. Downing Streets said her thoughts were with those killed and injured in the appalling incident and with their families. 

Three French school children were among those injured on the Bridge as well as three police officers and a woman who was pulled alive from the River Thames. The French Prime Minister pledges solidarity with his British friends. The White House said President Trump had offered Mrs. May the full support of the United States.

In other news, the American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has told a meeting of the 68 countries that comprise the coalition against the Islamic State group, the defeating IS is Washington’s No. 1 goal in the Middle-East.

And Congressional Committee in the United States, the House Oversight Committee has asked the White House and FBI for documents relating to contacts between President Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Russia, Turkey and other foreign officials. Mr. Flynn was forced to resign last month for misleading the administration about his contact with Russia’s ambassador to the US.

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