ABC新闻:Walmart Releases New Offer to Compete with Amazon

In today's tech bytes Wal-Mart makes another move into Amazon territory starting today the company will begin offering free two day shipping on more than two million items. For any order over 35 dollars. Unlike Amazon there's no need for a membership the.

A Twitter is about to make some changes to fight harassment those changes will include fixes to twitters mute and block features and there are going to be new features designed to stop serial abusers. From creating new accounts.

The changes could come as soon as this week.

And picked it is making its job cuts official but they're far fewer than some reports indicated yesterday 110 people will be affected.

At Starbucks is offering voice ordering making it easier to get your hands on a cup of coffee customers can now place their orders through Amazon's echo device.

They just have to tell Alexa what they want pretty handed down would you order. Mocha latte got out of your deck bites we. So much breast.

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