robot parking lot Nanjing AGV

A smart garage reportedly featuring the world's first automated guided vehicle (AGV) robot has just finished construction in east China's Nanjing city. Designed to tackle limited parking space in the nation's big cities, the laser-guided AGV robot can transfer a car into a carport in just two to three minutes. 

The garage is located in the basement of Fuzimiao station on Nanjing Subway line 3, and covers an area of about 2,000 square meters. It is undergoing final testing and is expected to begin operation shortly after Chinese New Year. 

Drivers just need to park their cars at the entrance of the garage, and a lifter will deliver the vehicles to the robot. The robot, which is in the form of a movable platform, will place the vehicle in an available port. The robot, developed by Yeefung Automation Technology Co. Ltd., can recharge itself automatically when it is not in use.

Drivers can also book a parking space at the garage via WeChat, and use a navigation system to pick up their cars with just one click. The robot will save more than 40 percent of parking spaces, and vehicular exhaust emissions will also be significantly reduced.