CRI在线收听:Van Ness Wu Releases New Album

Taiwan singer-actor Van Ness Wu has recently released a new album titled "Music Won't Hurt Your Body"("#MWHYB"), which blends LA-style dance music, rock, electronic music, and Motown.

Today, Van Ness Wu, a member of the Taiwan boy band F4, gets increasingly popular after his portrayal of a leading negative role in a recent hot ancient costume TV drama series 'The Princess Weiyoung', alongside actress Tiffany Tang Yan.

The major plug Boogie in his new album is a typically cheesy Mandopop record with an MV full of trendy outfits and crazy looking.

Earlier, Van Ness Wu revealed at a promotional event in Beijing, it took him a total of three years to complete the album, which in written form is an abbreviation for "Music Won't Hurt Your Body".

Now let's have a listen to Boogie, an 80s and 90s blues-rhythm dance jam choreographed by award-winning American choreographer Brian Puspos.