BBC news with Marion Marshall.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he supports calls for apardon for an Israeli soldier convicted of manslaughter after he shot aPalestinian attacker who was lying wounded on the ground. Prosecutors said thekilling by Sergeant Elor Azaria in the occupied West Bank was an act ofrevenge. But prominent figures in Mr. Netanyahu's cabinet have criticized theverdict.

The Republican Vice President elect Mike Pence has said the process ofrepealing Obama care will begin on Donald Trump's first day in office. After meetingwith Republican congressional leaders, Mr. Pence said the president elect wasworking on a series of executive orders to allow for an orderly transition to anew healthcare system. But he gave few details.

The President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto has named the former financeminister Luis Videgaray as his new foreign minister. Mr. Videgaray is one ofthe president's closest aides, but was sacked in September following criticismof a visit he’d arranged to Mexico by Donald Trump.

The German prosecutor's office has confirmed the detention of a second Tunisiansuspect in connection with the attack on a Berlin Christmas market. Officialsaid the men had dinner and talked extensively with the killer Anis Amri at arestaurant on the eve of the attack. But they said they didn't yet have enoughinformation to make a formal arrest.

A court in South Carolina has started a hearing to decide whether the whitesupremacist Dylann Roof should receive the death penalty for the murder of nineblack church goers in Charleston in 2015. In his opening statement, Roof insistedthere was nothing wrong with him psychologically, apparently contradicting hislawyers who said he was not mentally fit.

A 105-year-old French cyclist Robert Marchand has created a new record bycycling 22.547km in an hour. BBC news.