CRI在线收听:Young artist performs to convey conception of rhythm in daily life

Unlike dull displays of artworks in windows, an ongoing exhibition in a museum in Beijing includes a live show from the young artist Jiang Shaofeng.

Jiang performs using his legs, arms, hands and mouth to convey "rhythm in our daily life".

Jiang Shaofeng said his show stems from a tap dance.

"Our life is full of different rhythms; this does not just refer to the rhythm of melodies but also the rhythm of life. Most people who live in big metropolis have unstable rhythms, living under a sort of pressure. At the primary stage, my show interprets the disordered rhythm in daily life. Then I would invite audiences to get involved into our show and encourage them to echo the rhythm I make."

Jiang Shaofeng says that he hopes his art would arouse people's awareness of the importance of communication.

The exhibition in the Today Art Museum, titled "Playful Wave", is part of a "Finding Friends" art project, which was initiated by the museum to help young, unknown artists sustain their pursuit of art.

The ongoing event also includes work from three other young artists who now also have window displays of their artwork.