CRI在线收听:Artist Li Lei makes an operatic exhibition in Beijing

Chinese artist Li Lei has displayed the artwork that he's made over the past five years in the Beijing-based Minsheng Art Museum.

The theme for this display is Life-and-Death.

The second floor of the museum is mainly dedicated to sculptures of humans who lost their lives with a series of images of one or two geckos adhering to the dead bodies.

Li Lei, who is now deputy head of China Art Museum in Shanghai and a top-level artist in the country, has artwork ranging from statues, video to installation art:

"This exhibition not only includes paintings, but statues. I named it "a comprehensive show of visual art" since I used entire space of the museum just as a format of artistic expression."

Li Lei views his exhibition as an opera being performed on a stage of the 5000-square meter museum space, which he says allows his "imaginations to run wild".

The exhibition runs until February 2017.