Police officers involved in death of detainee not to be charged by prosecutors

Prosecutors in Beijing said on Friday, December 23 that they will not bring charges against five police officers in connection to the death of a man in custody.

On November 29, prosecutors completed an investigation into the officers. The municipal prosecutor's office said the case was then reviewed before the final decision was announced.

Prosecutors said the conditions of dereliction of duty by each of the five officers have been met, but the circumstances of their crime are minor when prosecutors comprehensively consider the whole case.

The incident took place in May. 29-year-old Lei Yang was caught on May 7 during an anti-prostitution raid at a massage parlor in Beijing's Changping District.

Police said he had violently resisted officers, at which point he felt sick, and later died despite emergency treatment in hospital.

An autopsy showed that the man died of asphyxia due to "inhalation of content from his stomach into the respiratory system," meaning he had been suffocated by his own vomit.