CRI在线收听:All-star cast promotes their Upcoming Film See You Tomorrow in Beijing

See You Tomorrow, a new comedy directed by popular writer Zhang Jiajia and produced by award-winning Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai, has been in the spotlight again almost one week ahead of the film's release on December 23.

Speaking in Beijing, Director Zhang Jiajia expounded on the three love stories in this romantic comedy:

"Guan Chun and Mao Mao tell a story on the power of first love; the second pair, Ma Li and Jiang Jie shows a love story in real life because they experienced several separations and reconciliations. Chen Mo and Mu Zi, however, symbolizes that fairy tales do come true, for the pair remain holding firm their belief in love despite the numerous obstacles they've encountered between them. Their decision to stick to their first choices is actually the most valuable part in life."

The film is an adaptation of Zhang Jiajia's hit book, I Belonged to You.

Zhang rose to fame when he posted 33 short stories based on his real life experiences on social media platform Sina Weibo. These stories proved very popular, receiving more than 400 million views in total.

Along with Zhang Jiajia and Wong Karwai, their all-star cast, including Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro, teamed up again in Beijing on Sunday afternoon for the last wave of promotion for 'See You Tomorrow, or baiduren in Chinese.

According to Zhang, baiduren refers to a group of professionals, who help people in pain find some peace and joy in their lives.