CRI在线收听:Artist Xu Dongsheng's Painting Exhibition opens in Beijing

From depicting the walking dead to an imagery presentation of the nature of the human soul, Chinese artist Xu Dongsheng has tried his best to explore an ultimate form to manifest life.

At present, his solo exhibition, composed of a total of 37 paintings, is being held at the Today Art Museum in Beijing, attracting a great number of visitors from both home and abroad.

Rosenberg David Emmanuel, a French scholar, talks about his initial thoughts on Xu Dongsheng's painting.

"The canvas sends a mysterious beauty. The canvas looks like images and dreams."

An accurate display of light was highlighted in Xu Dongsheng's paintings, which is reflected in both his earlier and present works. For instance, one of his paintings depicts shining phantoms hugging and comforting each other, holding lit candles to drive out darkness.