CCTV9英语新闻:Website helps find an English name

More and more Chinese are adopting their own English names, but not everyone is very good at finding one. An inappropriate English name could result in making people feel awkard or embarrassed, but now there is a website that should help solve that problem.

Zhao Qianlan came to Shanghai few months ago. She works at a hotel and most of her colleagues are foreigners. Zhao's Chinese name in Pinyin is hard for foreigners to read correctly, and so she's been visiting a website called "Best English Name" which charges for consulting on the problem.

Zhao paid her fee to the website and now proudly sports the English name "Kendall," which she says reminds her of her Chinese name. The founder of the website Lindsay Jernigan says she knows many Chinese who wind up with odd-sounding English names, and that gave her the idea for the web site.

Jernigan says she gives English names to her customers depending on their personal information, including age, job and even future plans. But getting a name is not free. The website offers two types of services. You can either pay 18 yuan to take an online quiz and get five English names that match your personality. If you think an online quiz is not enough, you can book a face-to-face consultation, but that will cost you more -- several hundred yuan per name, in fact.

Jernigan says although the price of the consultation is comparatively high, there are plenty of parents looking English names for their children and other customers who are considering English names for setting up a business or emigrating. Putting contents online also helps Jernigan to lower costs.

Jernigan's website is now getting 20,000 visitors a month. For a New Year's resolution, Jernigan plans to expand her business into helping customers write their resume's. At least that way they be sure to spell their new names correctly.