Chinese envoy calls for firm support to reconciliation process in Afghanistan

UNITED NATIONS, Dec. 21 -- A Chinese envoy to the United Nations on Monday called on the international community to firmly support the reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

Wang Min, China's deputy representative to the UN, told a Security Council meeting that Afghanistan still faces severe challenges in national reconstruction and socio-economic development and requires relentless efforts from Afghan parties and firm support from the international community.

The council adopted a resolution on the Afghanistan situation, reiterating sanction measures against Taliban and expressed concerns about the increasing presence and potential growth of the extremist group Islamic State affiliates in Afghanistan.

"It is necessary to continue assisting the Afghan government to strengthen national governance," Wang said, adding that the international community should also firmly support the national reconciliation process in the country.

"China calls on the different sections in Afghanistan to put the interests of the country and people first, restart negotiation as soon as possible," he said, adding that China hopes relevant countries will continue to provide conditions for the resumption of talks between the Afghan government and Taliban.

"China is ready to join relevant countries in playing a constructive role in Afghanistan's peace process and providing platform for the resumption of talks," he said.

The envoy noted that the security situation in Afghanistan remains fragile with frequent armed conflicts and terrorist activities.

"The international community should support the capacity-building of Afghan government and assist its security and police forces in effective response to various security threats and challenges," he said.