CRI在线收听:Russia, Egypt Pledge Cooperation on Economy, Middle East

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sat down for talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Moscow.

The two have touched on a number of issues, including terrorism and economics.

Putin says he'd like to see Egypt become more entrenched with Russia.

"Among concrete steps to give additional stimulus to the economy is a possible creation of a free trade zone between Egypt and the Eurasian Economic Union."

The Eurasian Economic Union includes countries which used to be part of the Soviet Union or a client state.

As part of the meeting, Putin has also announced Russia's participation in the construction of a nuclear power plant in Egypt.

The two have also discussed the situation in the Middle East, and in particular, the situation in Syria.

Al-Sisi's time in Moscow is a return visit after Putin, earlier this year, became the first leader of a major world power to visit Egypt since al-Sisi became president in 2014.