Xi stresses CPC governance at county level

BEIJING, June 30 -- President Xi Jinping has called on secretaries of the Communist Party of China (CPC) committees at the county level to be loyal to the Party, take initiatives in economic development and serve the people wholeheartedly.

Xi made the remarks on Tuesday when meeting with county-level Party secretaries who were honored for their outstanding work.

While congratulating the honored, Xi extended greetings to all Party members and those working in the Party system ahead of the 94th anniversary of CPC's founding on July 1.

"When counties are governed, the world is in peace," Xi cited an ancient Chinese saying. "In our Party's organizational structure and the country's regime structure, the county is a key part that links higher and lower levels as well as a significant foundation for economic development, people's livelihoods and social stability."

According to Xi, honoring outstanding county Party secretaries aims to mobilize all Party members and officials to learn from these examples and do their jobs more competently and serve the people well.

"A county-level Party committee is a frontline headquarters for the CPC's governance, and a Party secretary is the commander in chief," Xi said, acknowledging the huge pressures placed on them.

He urged these officials to follow Party codes of conduct and adapt themselves to China's plateauing economic growth.

"County-level Party secretaries should be trailblazers for development... take hold of the reform drive and guide the people to contribute to social and economic development together," Xi said, underlining poverty relief work.

He also called on Party committees and organization departments to lend more support to grassroots Party officials.

Also at the meeting with outstanding secretaries, Liu Yunshan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, said more quality officials are needed to serve the Party's cause. He vowed promotions for those who perform well.

Liu stressed firm Party belief, sincerity toward the people, discipline to resist corruption, and a strong sense of responsibility as the key qualities exemplified by these honored secretaries.