Company to launch scooter sharing service in Mexico

With a population of more than 20 million people and four million cars, it is no surprise that traffic is always heavy in Mexico City. A small electric scooter sharing company has big plans to help change things.

On this sunny day, German Salgado is on his way to a business appointment. He is one of the first subscribers to a new electric scooter sharing business called "Econduce."

Users say they are great for beating the traffic on Mexico City's clogged avenues and boulevards, widely considered some of the most congested on the planet.

Salgado likes the fact that these Chinese-made electric scooters do not harm the environment.

"That's definitely important for my lifestyle. I like feel that I'm contributing to efforts to reduce traffic without producing contamination -- not from emissions and not producing any noise," said Salgado.

Call it the silent factor- or reduced engine noise- another attractive part of the package it offers users. This scooter definitely has some kick but what is most noticeable is that it moves along without making hardly any noise at all.

Those who subscribe get a quick safety lesson. showing them how to use the turn signals and breaks. Each user gets a card that unlocks their assigned scooter and acts as the ignition key.

One of Econduce's founders, Eduardo Porta is preparing for the official launch day. Twelve workers are tweaking computer programs to track the scooters and keep them well-maintained.

He says more than 1,700 subscribers are already on Econduce's electric scooter sharing services

"We started looking at the big problems that needed solving in Mexico City. Clearly, one is heavy traffic and the other is contamination. We attack both of them with a single solution," Porta said.

With satisfied customers on the road, the founders of Econduce are already planning to expand this environmentally-friendly business to other major Mexican cities, and Latin American capitals