CNN News:Wimbledon bans 'selfie sticks'

The green, green grass of Wimbledon will not be home to selfie sticks, organizers have announced.

The gadget is pictured in the prohibited section of the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) guide for the 2015 championships -- alongside knives, flares and klaxons.

Wimbledon is the latest venue to ban the contraption, with London's National Gallery, Manchester United Football Club and New York's Museum of Modern Art waving goodbye to the handy prop.

A ticket-holders' guide for this year's tournament says: "In common with many other major sports and entertainment events and cultural attractions, The Championships will not allow 'selfie sticks' into the grounds."

A spokesman for the historic venue -- which was formed in 1868 -- said the move comes partly because of the "nuisance value" of the sticks, and also so that it "doesn't interfere with spectators' enjoyment."

This comes despite a recent surge in popularity, with tennis star Maria Sharapova, U.S. President Barack Obama and Great Britain's PM David Cameron all seen wielding the device, which some have nicknamed the "narcistick."

The Australian Open was the first grand slam to crack down on the use of the popular poles -- asking fans to use the devices in specially designated "selfie zones" across the grounds -- whereas Wimbledon is enforcing a strict no sticks policy.