The top stories from ABC news. Jailed Australian journalist Peter Greste and his two Al-Jazeera colleagues will be given a retrial after a year in prison. The trio were convicted of aiding the banned Muslim brotherhood organization in Egypt and spreading false news. Peter Greste is serving a 7-year sentence. A date hasn’t yet been set and the trio will be forced to remain in custody pending the retrial.

Efforts to retreat the wreckage of the plane that’s crashed in waters off Tasmania’s southeast are on hold after an initial attempt failed. So now imaging showing the plane was intact and laying upside down on the sea floor, but police say a line snapped as they were trying to winch the aircraft to the surface.

China’s government has promised a surer investigation into a New Year’s Eve stampede in Shanghai that killed dozens of people. The stampede took place as tens of thousands of people packed in the iconic Shanghai waterfront to watch New Year’s Eve fireworks. Some reports suggest people may have rushed to collect money which was been thrown by people from a high-rise building.

Otherwise, the new year has been welcomed enthusiastically around the world. Fireworks were the main theme with millions of people packing Vantage Point for Melbourne to Moscow to get the best views.  

And those are the latest headlines from ABC News.