Next story today, good news and bad news concerning the flu. The good news, the Centers for Diseases Control says flu activity across the U.S. is pretty low.

The bad news, this year's vaccine isn't particularly effective. The CDC says it's because the flu has mutated.

When the vaccine was made, the strains of flu circulating around the globe were different than they are now. So, why not just make a new vaccine?

Well, the CDC says it's too late, because that takes about four months to do.

Officials are still recommending the vaccine, though. They say it can reduce the severity of the virus, if you get it.

Amsterdam is the largest city in and capital of Netherlands. It's second largest city Rotterdam, and that's where we found the Rotterdam international secondary school for Today's "Roll Call".

In the states, in Indianapolis, in Indiana, the rockets of Broad Ripple Magnet High School are in today's show. And in the Southeast, in Mableton,Georgia Floyd Middle School is on the roll.

We are happy to visit the Panthers today. Opossums, also called possums, are the only marsupials found in the U.S. And though they might hiss or bite if you mess with them, they are usually not aggressive and they are unlikely to carry rabies.

Why? Well, even though they are mammals, they have relatively low body temperatures, and that might make it hard for the rabies virus to survive in opossum. Now, that's random.

All right, cars that drive themselves. The technology is nearly here, but the law is Orant. Only four states currently allow them to be tested on roads.

Pros, they might be safer. Most accidents are caused by driver error. They'd also allow you to get things done while you ride in them.

Cons, they are incredibly expensive, their cameras and sensors struggle in rain and snow and what if they are hacked, or who is responsible in a wreck? One thing experts agree on, they are coming.