Toronto mayor stripped of more powers by city council

TORONTO, Nov. 18 ( --- The embattled mayor Rob Ford Monday in Canada's largest city of Toronto was stripped of more of his powers after a wild day in the city council chambers.

Council voted 37-5 to slash Mayor Rob Ford's budget by more than half for the remainders of his term. Ford's budget, now reduced by 60 percent, will leave him only eight of his current 20 staff members.

Two other votes were also passed, including one that garnered a 36-6 vote from council to transfer the remaining mayoral budget to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly and 30-10 vote to prevent the mayor from designating key items on the legislative agenda.

The series of votes rendered Rob Ford to become a mayor in name only.

Ford addressed the chamber and warned the councillors that their votes do not count.

Likening the situation to a coup d'etat, Ford continued his speech and ultimately went on to compare what was happening at the council to the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein.

Well folks, if you think American-style politics are nasty, you guys have just attacked Kuwait, he said. Mark my words, friends, this is going to be an outright war in the next election and I'm going to do everything in my power, everything in my power to beat you guys.

The hours-long meeting was marked by many wild moments, including one that was sparked by the public, which began chanting, Shame! Shame! Shame! at Ford.

The meeting suffered another chaotic day at the City Hall since Ford admitted smoking crack cocaine earlier this month. The confession came after local media reported a video of Ford smoking crack cocaine.

The video has sparked public outcry and brought upon hordes of local and international media attention, which exposed much more of Ford's unfavorable behaviors, including buying and smoking crack cocaine and drunk drinking.

Ford has repeatedly apologized but refused to step down from his position despite the numerous calls for his resignation.

Last Friday, Toronto councillors voted nearly unanimously to remove Rob Ford's authority.

Despite the challenge, Ford told media Monday evening that the war is not done, this is just the beginning.