CRI在线收听:James Blunt Wows Beijing Fans

It is a song that has caught the attention of music fans around the world with the catchy chorus, which simply states: You're beautiful. Here, James Blunt explains the meaning:

"As I have said before it is passing an ex girlfriend on the underground with a new man and we didn't speak but we had eye contact and lived a lifetime in that moment wondering if time and place might have been different what might have been."

The Soulful British singer-songwriter first captured Chinese hearts in 2005 with the chart-topping single "You're Beautiful' and this weekend he was back with more to offer.

As part as his 2011 world tour, the singer made a stop in Beijing where he performed several songs from his 3rd album "some kind of trouble" and his Chinese fans were not disappointed; something that the former British soldier appreciated.

"I love the connection. I think music is deep and rich. I can come and play music in a country where people speak a different language but through music I can still communicate and people will still understand me and people will find a common bond. I find that incredibly special."

Incredibly special is how many fans at the concert felt.

When asked about why he thinks the Chinese love his music and if he can speak any Chinese, he said:

"I sing songs about what is it about to be human and as I am told, the Chinese are human too. My Chinese is not very good so when I have spoken some mandarin at a concert I have barely been understood. And I think I know my limitations and I so will save up the few words I know in mandarin for now. "

And save it up those words he did, at least around the journalists. He did however, show the audience his acoustic-pop folk sound and high-pitched honey voice. The five-time Grammy Nominee melted Beijing hearts once again with a list of his songs, both new and old.

For CRI I am Nillah Nyakoa.