Nowadays, there usually exists a wide selection of electives for college students to choose from. However, students have quite different plans for their future so they always end up learning courses based on their own ideas.

  Some students may choose to learn a certain course in order to obtain an extra certificate for their job hunting after graduation. Because they assume that some more knowledge could ensure more chances of winning in finding a good job. Others may have their choice made just for fun. They tend to hold the idea that college life could be more colorful if they could widen their knowledge through elective courses.

  As far as I’m concerned, I’m inclined to choose electives based on both the value of the courses and the interest of my own.


  Nowadays many college students prefer to have electives in their spare time because the courses can offer a variety of skills and abundant knowledge apart from what they learn in the daily courses. There are many factors that may account for it, and the following are the most conspicuous aspects.

  To start with, many students want to get another degree besides their own, so that they can have more competence when they seek a job. Furthermore, as for me, I don’t care about degree or job, I just want to obtain some necessary skills to make my college life worthwhile. What I’m concerned most is how to own more skills that may be necessary for my future. Finally, some students want to learn anything that is different from what they are learning now. The science students, for example, want to know about Shakespeare while the art students want to tell how a vehicle works and how to deal with it when it breaks down. So, they can all get what they think is useful to their college life.

  On the whole, the phenomenon is one of the results of multi-demand of the employment market. There is still a long way for us to improve the elective itself, but as a student myself, I find it rewarding and interesting.



  这一届我们学校订下了新规则,大约有选择性法院。对于前两个星期内,我们可能会坐在许多班级,因为我们像以前那样,我们决定对其中的课程选择。我们无不欢呼雀跃。第一个星期,我参加了班四个晚上就结束,结果发现,大部分的教师,又把它serioualy 。他们在繁忙的"选票" ,因为害怕,后来就没有人会参加他们的讲座。

  举例来说,老师的现代文学的台湾说, "实际上, flrst两个小时的时间,我的演讲只是序幕而已,真正的内容并未涉及,在风波,我们将讨论这些著名作家琼瑶,席慕蓉等,而这些著名aetresses林fengjiao ,林qingxia等等,我们有很多的影视录音的影片观赏,这些都是只限于那些合作主要在这个法庭" 。看到的,毕竟,最后一句是核心,一切的,他说。

  老师的赞赏和评论家的现代歌剧说, "我们有各种各样的内容和教学方法是多变的。举例来说, 5月1选择一法,从一出戏,让你履行它在课堂上,如果你做的好,你可以提上发挥在校戏剧节上,同时,我们会安排你看目前的发挥。学校,是主管交通和门票的,当然只有那些协调重大,这当然有资格。 "你看,最重要的事情是在去年通过曲折的。


  Selective Courses

  This term our school laid down a new rule about selective court. For the first two weeks, we may sit in as many classes as we like before we decide on which courses

  to choose. We jumped for joy. The first week I attended classes for four evenings on end and found out that most of the teachers took it serioualy. They were busy in "winning votes" for fear, that later on no one would attend their lectures.

  For example, the teacher of Modern Literature of Taiwan said, "Actually the flrst two hours of my lecture were only a prelude. The real contents have not been involved. In the furore, we shall discuss such famous writers as Qiong Yao, Xi Murong, etc, and such famous aetresses as Lin Fengjiao, Lin Qingxia etc. We have lots of vedio-taped films to watch. These are confined only to those who co-major in this court." See, after all, the last sentence is the core of everything he said.

  The teacher of Appreciation and Critics of Modern Opera said, "We have a variety of contents and the teaching method is changable. For instance, l may choose one act from a play and let you perform it in class. If you do a good job, you can put on the play at the school theater festival. Also, we shall arrange for you to watch current plays. The school is in charge of the traffic and tickets, Of course, only those who co-major this course are eligible." You see, the most important thing comes at last through twists and turns.


There is a general discussion today about the issue of clubs in universities. This club is to help graduates get suitable jobs. Obviously, now students in growing numbers are beginning to realize that it is a good way for us to put our leanings into practice.

  A lot of reasons or benefits are responsible for joining us. To begin with, many students have no ideas of getting a post after graduation, however it may offer you a chance to touch the field of the job-hunting. In addition, it is free of change. What’s more, you may have relationships with these graduates, who are likely to help you in future. In other words, you are to be exposed to opportunities.

  From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that it is beneficial for you to join this organization. You can email us by love@sina.com with your application. Please act without delay!


 Ladies and Gentlemen,

  First of all, please allow me to express the most heartfelt welcome to all of you on behalf of our English Club. We have been looking forward to seeing you for long. It is a wonderful day today.

  Now I would like to brief my club to you since I want to leave the most wonderful for you to discover. Our club, organizing various activities regularly catering for the needs of participants, is well-known among many English learners. If you want to meet native English speakers, please join us. If you want to speak English not only accurately but also fluently, please join us. If you want to discover the most attractive aspects in English, please join us. I do hope that you will enjoy your journey of English study with us. Thank you!

  Sincerely Yours

  Li Ming



  按照我们曾经介绍过的议论文模式,可以用模版来写一些,开头可以用议论文典型的开头,比方说,Many students nowadays prefer to have electives because ….., 或者,With the development of the employment market, many students would like to have another course……这样在文章的开篇就提出了明确的主题现象。

  第二段可以按照题目要求,根据自己的经历和现在学校的状况,举例说明这种选修课给自己所带来的利弊,如果自己倾向于上选修课,那么可以多举些优势的例子,例如:As a ______ majored student myself, I prefer to choose ______ as my elective, and I find that _________. 比如可以丰富自己的学科范围,扩大知识面,增强竞争力等。

  第三段可以说这种现象的劣势,比如:Good as______ is, it has, unfortunately, its disadvantages also. The apparent example is _______. 就你自己的经历来看,可能有比方说,耽误了正课的时间,学习太多无法消化,精力分散等。

  最后可以总结,On the whole, above all, 等等,陈述你的观点。